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Quick and easy scrumptious carrot cake!

Come and join us down at TKC Restaurant and try some of our freshly made cakes. Being one of the only females in the kitchen, designated cake maker is my job! The very well watched Great British Bake Off is an inspiration for trying out new recipes and exploring different cultures and how they make cakes. Starting with the very popular Carrot Cake. This was originally a Swiss Cake, but came to Great Britain during the Second World War due to rationing.

It’s a very simple and easy cake to make, consisting of only six ingredients plus toppings. It’s a basic method of all-in-one, making it one the easiest cakes to make and also doesn’t take long to bake. It’s a great hit in restaurants and family homes, and with simple icing of just cream cheese, icing sugar, butter, vanilla flavouring and walnuts, its possibly one of the cheapest cakes going!


Why not try it yourself?:


–          250g self-raising flour

–          2tbsp ground cinnamon

–          400g caster sugar

–          350ml veg oil

–          4 eggs

–          350g grated carrots